2 Responses to “Basic Pruning”

  1. Anshuman says:

    My mom-in-law gave me Gardening in Containers book by Taunton press. There are a lot of pictures and explemas of what to plant and what kind of planters you can use in. I think this is a good guide book for the beginner like you and me. I’ve done a lot of yard work, but container gardening is still new to me. There are great plants for containers out now, so you’ll enjoy making it. Unlike planting flowers in ground, there is no time limit on container planting. You can also go to the nurseries and ask people at there. They can suggest what you need. Have fun! Was this answer helpful?

  2. Bolis says:

    I must have the worst home ever 😉 I have no plants or frlewos in my home. Well, fresh frlewos are quite expensive here in Finland and I have no windowsill in my apartment… And on the tables they are way too far from the daylight… And I don’t like keeping plants or frlewos on the floor. So many excuses and all true 😉

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