One Response to “Gardening In High Temperatures”

  1. Elver says:

    Of course it mtarets what time of year you plant; even in south Florida you have to plant according to what grows at that time of the year in that location. I’m in NW Florida and, while we have mild winters most years, we do have some with extremely low temps sometimes. I have seen snow, freezing rain and single-digit temps here during the last 50 years and, without a doubt, we will have them again sometime. If you are in extreme south Florida (Key West, etc.) you may be able to grow spring/summer flowers year=round most years. Anywhere else in the state you will have both fall and winter weather, just not as long and, usually, not as severe. Ask some of the people in your area what they are planting this time of year and try those, as well as anything you would like to try yourself. Most people are more than willing to share their knowledge with anyone willing to learn.Welcome to Florida!Good luck and enjoy!

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